At Foresight Family Owned and Operated Funeral Homes it is our intent to serve you and to help you and your family plan funeral arrangements before the need arises. We firmly believe that a funeral is truly a celebration of a life lived and should reflect the memory of that life. The Foresight Family of Funeral Homes provides you with the facts that will help you make an informed decision and ease the burden on your family at a time that can be filled with emotion and confusion. Making the arrangements while in the prime of life assures that your wishes are carried out as you envisioned them.

We understand the apprehension associated with funeral pre-planning but prudent planners will realize that it is just as necessary as any other planning for the future. People say "I don't want to talk about funerals ..but I know I really should make some type of decision." ... "If only I'd known what to do...we should have played a favorite song..should have had those pictures.." Foresight Family Funeral Home members are here to make it easier for you and to help eliminate any guilt or regrets. Please take the time to sign our guest book and, without cost or obligation, we will provide you with a pre-planning kit. To request a personalized funeral cost estimate, please call us toll-free any time at 440-248-7149.

Why Preplan Your Funeral Now???
Peace of Mind:

The enormous relief that you have taken care of a part of life that would have been stressful and confusing to the loved ones who survive you.

Cost Savings:

The funeral need not be a financial burden on your family. Loved ones are often uncertain of funeral costs and may become victims of "emotional overspending" out of guilt and lack of information as to your final wishes. By pre-planning today you can make certain that the financial strain is lifted...and you are now able to lock-in today's funeral costs that are certain to rise in the future! Please call for more information at 440-248-7149.

Provide Your Guidelines for the Funeral:

By pre-planning your funeral you can be assured that the funeral will reflect your desired wishes... even if it's in another location of the country!